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You’re not like everyone else – so why should you sound the same like everyone else? Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words? Want to tell your story in a quick and engaging way? Tell it through video. Nowadays, more and more companies are using digital media to tell their story across several platforms to boost brand recognition. Stone Harbor Media Group was born from the love of creating stories for clients. It was always a side project while working in the action sports industry, until it became a full time project – since then we’ve never turned back.

Being a digital media company allows us to work with a vast number of clients across different industries. That so happens to be real estate and construction industries in the Orange and Los Angeles counties. Don’t think that’s who we only work with, Stone Harbor also collaborates with various startups that are in need of digital media services to get their brand noticed in the crowded marketplace. On the contrary, there is a need to assist both realtors, brokers, and boutique construction firms in ways that allows them to focus on their business while allowing us to execute their digital marketing needs. Stone Harbor Media Group is built on an innovative concept; to incorporate as much technology and different forms of media into every project.

As a professional, creatively bent entrepreneur, Bryan has always strived to help his clients get the job done. He does not only understand what clients are looking for, but he tries and goes above and beyond every job he takes on to satisfy the client by providing the “wow” factor. Bryan’s passion has always been in action sports, but his main love is what he does now to help clients executing their digital marketing projects.  Put your business at the forefront of the market by calling Stone Harbor Media Group today!

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