Professional, Cinematic Level, 4K Videography & Editing

Our Professional Videography Services

Video is one of the most accessible forms of media today, making it a necessary addition to your media bundle in any industry. At Stone Harbor, we specialize in storytelling that sells! We work with various real estate related businesses in helping them achieve a marketing goal by creating the supporting visual assets.

We use top of the line video cameras, drones, audio equipment, lighting, post production software and top-talent to create these one-of-a-kind videos. Our production days can range from a half day to a full day and can be shot in the locations of your choice.

Our process is simple. We will discuss your goals for the video and give you a brief overview of our packages. Next, we will send you a quote and set up a time to meet, if needed. Once we receive a deposit and finalize the date, we will walk you through the pre-planning. We will outline the shoot day and we will get everyone up to speed on the happenings of the shoot day.

Our post popular video requests are:

  • Demolition Day Documentation
  • Corporate Headquarters Interview
  • Client Testimonials

We’re happy to give you a free consultation and to walk you through the added benefits of adding video to your marketing strategy!

Our Favorite Films

4K Videography

Professional Post-Production

Cinematic Feel and Quality

Demolition Day Documentation

Corporate Headquarters Interviews

Client Testimonials