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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Media Services

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What is S.H.M.G?

  • We are a Orange County based creative production house offering digital marketing services. Our experienced team is here to help real estate and construction firms in executing their marketing projects in a variety of ways. We offer a wide range of cohesive services because we believe that’s what companies are in need of today. Customers don’t need to source a photographer and videographer separately we can do it all in-house!

Do you only specialize in Real Estate and Construction areas?

  • Even though it may seem like we only focus in those areas, we are definitely open to working with all different types of clients in many different industries. If you feel you may benefit from the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can learn more about your projects.

What is your process for new projects?

  • We, SHMG, would like to make the process as easy and painless as possible as we know your time is valuable. Therefore, we take a 5 step approach to streamline any new project we undertake. First, is the initial interview where we ask a series of questions to gauge the scope of the project, secondly, upon understanding the scope of the project better we provide an estimate to break down the costs involved in the work described. Third, once we get the deposit and signed contract, this is where the magic happens, we get to work whether that is designing your flyer or planning your production shoot. Brainstorming new concepts or editing in post-production. Fourth, is finally presenting the final work to the client and working in any revisions if necessary. Last but not least, completion and payment – once revisions are completed, SHMG will present the final files to the client via or email.

What’s your hourly rate or do you provide package pricing?

  • Yes, we know hourly rate has its downsides, therefore, we have made all our services into per project rates. As much as we don’t like charging by the hour, some of our services warrant hourly rate due to the fact that the client may need a little extra special time put into their project after the job has completed. We understand and will be happy to be assist the client as much as possible so they are completely satisfied.

How do you do what you do?

  • Stone Harbor Media Group takes pride in what we do and how we work. Just as with any successful partnership, we’re nothing less than 100% honest and upfront with you at all times. We let you know what we’re doing, why and how we’re doing it – and what it’s all costing you.

Why are your video marketing services higher than others, I can shoot it on my iPhone camera the same way?

  • Although the newest smartphones nowadays provide excellent quality, it the post-production that brings the story to life. Our price includes many extra values such as doing it right time the first time and meeting your deadline. You can definitely shoot the same footage however, our investment in our equipment and our experience save you time and money in the long term.

I can get the same photographer cheaper that offers the same package as yours?

  • Going with someone cheaper doesn’t always produce the same results. The same saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, holds a lot of weight and is true in almost any situation. Always make sure you do your research before you pull the trigger. SHMG may seem higher but we put a lot of time into each project, in some times more than we should. That way we’re happy and so is the client!

Do you offer wedding services?

  • As much as we’d like to shoot your special day, we partner with many wedding photographers that specialize in that. We wouldn’t recommend them if we wouldn’t use them ourselves. All are top photographers with the best reviews around.

Do you deliver every image or clip shot on production day?

  • No, unfortunately. We eliminate identical images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad lighting and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. Due to copyright laws, we do not provide client raw footage of any kind once project has completed whether that is photography or videography. It is at S.H.M.G discretion if we want to release any raw footage to the client.

Do you touch up all the images that you send to the client?

  • Yes we do. Every image we deliver is edited with our unique signature style.

What format and how do you send your clients the photos or videos?

  • For stills, we send me two ways; one in high res and one is MLS format. For video, we send you either a MP4 or MOV format. Both are delivered via WeTransfer to the client for ease of use and download capabilities.

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